Milak hunter

Milak hunter

In the village of Gamennawala in Ceylon, a monk named Sulapinanda Patikatsa was staying. There was also a great hunter named Milak in the Gosragam village of Mather.

The big hunter earns bi-hundreds every day to feed his wife and children. Hundred slopes, Using a hundred spears, he wandered and grazed in the forest, doing many deeds. If you leave home, take fire and salt with you
He roasted the victims and ate them. .

One day, the victims are roasted and eaten
Thirsty and hungry, he entered the temple of Gamayandawala. About ten water pots are placed in the water pot rack in the school, but there is no water for drinking snacks.

“Don’t you know that in a place where monks live, hungry travelers don’t even have a small bottle of water to drink, so they have to put some water in it?” They are bored,
It is said that the lay people eat and sleep after donating
Even the monks are insulted.

After hearing that voice, Mather came out and looked at the drinking water pots. He saw that all about ten pots were full of water, and thought, “Well… it’s really a fornicator.”

“Dakar, “If you’re thirsty, drink water,” he asked them to clap their hands, then drew water himself and poured it.
Even though about ten full pots of water were used up, as if pouring water into a fire pot that was full of fire, it was not enough. Karma is showing itself even in this 00 question.

“Dakar, Are the bad deeds you have done scary enough to raise chickens?
Now you are a prostitute, You can only think about how terrible the hardships you will have to endure from the next life onward.”

The great hunter heard Mather’s words.
He was very frightened. After bowing to Mather
They destroyed all the ropes, nets, poles, etc. that were loosely used in the forest.
He hurried back to his house from the forest and pleaded with his son and wife about the benefit. The hunters’ weapons were destroyed and the birds were also captured and released safely.

“He came to the school and asked Mather for permission to become a monk
“Dakar, The life of a monk is very difficult;
How can you become a monk?”
“Lord, Even in this life, I will not become a monk until I see the great benefit of my own eyes.”

Mather finally meditated on the five words “Ketha Loma Nukha Danta Ta Saw” and made him a monk. Even called Milaktheer, Milaktheer does small and large chores.
He is very interested in doing it.
He also learned and listened to Buddhist literature.

When he tried to meditate, he was a hunter
The sense signs of how the deer killed the pigs began to appear.
His whole body was rolling and burning.
I can no longer sit in meditation.
Thinking that “living as a monk is no longer useful,” he went to a monk to ask for his release. (Sam-T-2, 252.)

When one day – the human life
Those who forget their good deeds and do bad things with their mouths and minds, and those who come to hell, will be guarded by hell and thrown into the burning pot of hell…
, and how it was presented to King Yama. Finally, he taught and obeyed a group of people who were oppressed in various ways. (It comes in Anguttara Tika Nibba and Upari Pannatha Pali.)

“Lord, After suffering so much, Awasi was “thrown” into the pot of hell. Oh my God, the great calamity of hell is so terrifying.”
“Yes, my lord…
If you get out, you’ll be damned in hell.”

Can’t you see that hell?”
“I can’t, my lord, There is one thing that can be done like seeing hell, It has yet to be shown.”
So, Milak Thera called the disciples.
He asked to pile wet wood on a large stone mat.

Mather is sitting with power
From the Great Artifact Hell, he took about the green and white spark of Hell. He threw the spark of hell, which was only a small amount of green silk, into the pile of wet wood while Milak Thera was watching. When the sparks fell, the entire pile of wet wood was torn to pieces, and Milakthera was very surprised to see it.
“Rabbi… Is it true that the Buddha’s religion can help you get out of suffering?”
“That’s right, my lord.”
“Let’s get rid of this poverty
My disciple will try, Lord.

What the monks have to do in this holy religion
What two types of duty are there?”

“My lord, there are only two types of literature teaching (ganthura) and meditation (vipassana dhura).”

“Rabbi, teaching literature is for those who can do it. His disciple is the one who became a monk after suffering hardships. I only want to strive for Vipassana, and reward me with meditation.”‘

“Mr. Mather too
He saw that Milak Thera was a person full of modesty and modesty.

Milak Thera also worked on Dharma. Bodhisattvas, slain He also fulfilled the dress code of the priest.

In the Gamennawal school where he lives
Not only the matters to be done, but also the nearby Sittala mountain
The school building Also in Gosragham village schools
Every day he wandered around and did his chores. He also observes and meditates on doing chores.

“Milak Ther is sometimes lazy, dull, and depressed, and will fail in his duties.

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