Adinda Pubbaka Brahmin

Adinda Pubbaka Brahmin

When Lord Gautama was present
There was a Brahmin named Adinda Pubbaka in the land of Savatthi.
He is known for being very rich and is known for being very stingy. Therefore, he eats as he pleases.

The great charity of the land of Sawatthi
In contrast to Sudatta, the rich man of Anat Pin.
One day, the rich man of Anatpin was going to the house of his wife Sri Thumana and his brother Vithala, who lived in the land of the royal palace, and had the opportunity to visit and pay respects to the monks.
When the rich man of Anat Pin returned to the land of Thavatthi, he donated money to build the temple of Zetawan.

This was criticized by the Brahmin Adinda Pubba for donating a large amount of money. The rich man Anat Pin invited the Lord and the monks. He went to Sarvaththi, which is forty-five yujanas away from the royal land.
At Jetwan Temple, they also donate food to the Lord and the monks every day.

The Brahmin Adinda Pabbaka forbade his wife to go out even if the monks came to receive alms. I think that giving in his mind was a dull apotheosis. He did not even allow his son to go to the Jetwan temple because he wanted to visit the Lord. Until Mathukandali reached adulthood, he only wished to visit the Lord. But his wish was not fulfilled. He suddenly fell seriously ill and died.

The sound of an old man’s sobs is coming out of the silence of the cemetery in the western corner of Savatthi. The old man is Adinda Pabba, a Brahmin who has a name in Savatthi. He is crying for his only son, Mathukandali, who died three days ago.

At that time, the Brahmin heard another cry around the cemetery. Following the cry, a boy who looked exactly like his son was crying. The Brahmin was shocked because he was looking at his dead son. The Brahmin asked why the man was crying. The boy asked him why the father was also crying. The Brahmin knew that he was crying and called him father. He was delighted.

The Brahmin asked why are you crying too. Boy, I have a very beautiful carriage. He said that he was crying because he couldn’t get two wheels to put on that train. The Brahmin asked again what kind of wheel he couldn’t take and was crying. At that time, since it was already late in the evening, the sun was about to set in the west, and the moon was gradually rising in the east. The boy pointed to the sun and the moon in the sky and said, father, these are the two wheels I want. The boy’s words made the Brahmin frown.

When the Brahmin said that a man longing for something impossible is the same as being crazy, the boy said this is only worthy of his father. The sun and the moon that I longed for could not be taken, but I still got it because I looked. The father’s dead son, not knowing where he is in life, is crying in hope and madness, father. Because of the boy’s words, light shone in the dark consciousness of the Brahmin. So the man couldn’t be a real human, I asked, who are you? That’s right, I was the only son of my father in my past life.

When I was in agony, I saw God coming to the street in front of my house to give me alms, and I worshiped him with my hands folded.
Thanks to the support of the only good deeds, now I can live in the land of Tawa Tim Thanat.

The Brahmin also realized that just by worshiping the Lord, he could reach the land of gods, and the darkness that had covered him was illuminated. The son of Mathukandali began to return to the land of the gods to practice the law that his father would have good fortune in the next life.

The Brahmin said that if I die, nothing of my possessions will be left behind me, only good deeds such as charity and virtue will be left behind.

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