My Lover Bestfriend – Part_2

Kim Taehyung hasn’t come out yet. Today is the day he starts uni. Fresher welcome. The three friends have arranged to go together, but the handsome man who took even more time to prepare than the girls still hasn’t seen a sign of him.

Chelwan said that he was not going to wait for Taehyung at the bus station.

Park Jimin has already arrived at the bus stop. Even though I can only see Jimin’s back, he is small, taller than her, and it is obvious that it is Park Jimin because of his tall height and his hair that grows a hundred times a minute. 5

“Yah Park Jimin”

“Aww, are you here, Taehyung?”

“Ma’am, you haven’t come out yet, hey, that’s why I came out first.”

“Ayepo, because this guy is a king, I’m going to do the same thing.”

“As a girl, I don’t fix it as much as I want.”

Chelwan also has something to say. She is wearing a yellow t-shirt and short jeans, but Park Jimin in front of her is wearing a leather coat and a pair of dark jeans. Even the prince is losing. I don’t know how much Ho Kim Taehyung will change.

“Taehyung has so many things to say to you, old lady.”

“Park Jimin”

If Chelwan was a dragon, Park Jimin would probably fall in Chelwan’s eyes right now.

“I’m going to ask Taehyung in the group chat about Chelwan Lee.”

By the time Jimin and Chelwan arrived, there were already a lot of people.

Watching them get ready made me feel like I wanted to make myself stronger. The worst thing is that the girl standing directly in front of her is very pretty. She’s not wearing a lot of make-up. She’s just beautiful. She’s so beautiful. I want to have a pretty friend like her. +

Even so, I’m pretty too. I’m even more cute. Out of curiosity, I approached the girl standing next to me and asked.

While visiting the waterfall, you will also be able to visit the place where the two of them proved their love.

“Who is the girl from the east?”

“Oh, he’s an economics major. Kanyon Jule is very handsome.”

“It’s not cool.”

“Now stop talking and let’s start the show”

After the words of the senior student leader, everyone became quiet. Each major took their place around their major’s table.

“Now, everyone, congrats on being accepted to Dahan Uni.”

The concert was noisy with applause. Many people have already arrived, but the handsome Kim Taehyung has not arrived yet.

“Now then, let’s introduce the economics major over there.”

“Hello, I’m a business major and I’d like to meet all of Canyon Jupa. Please help me.”

Some of the men in the party went to the party because of the lively and beautiful girl.

“Now then, another one.”

Ah, so it’s me. Just as Chelwan was about to get up and say hello, I was taken aback by a sharp voice saying, “Ahh,” and turned around to see what they were shouting.

Miss Kim Taehyung

Is he the one who dyed his head blue?

A lot of girls couldn’t take their eyes off Taehyung, and Chelwan also had big eyes and eyelashes. She was surprised that he looked so good with that color.

Even so, he didn’t even inform me. Needless to say, I was unable to speak because of the shouting and noise, so Taehyung grabbed Taehyung’s hand and dragged him outside.

The girls at the event were also disappointed when Taehyung left.


“What did Chelwan bring me? I’m completely lost there.”

Dragging him to the far grass of the shop where the event was taking place, he stared straight into his face.

“Don’t even tell me when your head turned blue.”

I don’t know if she was angry or angry because she said something. She definitely didn’t like something.

Is he not happy because the girls around him are looking at him because of the bad color? Ah, I don’t know.

“I made a deal with jimin that if we get into the major we want to get into, we’ll dye our hair.”

“Don’t tell me that.”

His dark brows narrowed slightly, and he puckered his lips

“You know now, remember?”

“Yes, let it be. So why are you so blue? It’s strange.”

“Hey, I have to dye my hair too, so I don’t know what color to dye it, so I dyed it a yellow color that you don’t like. You like yellow, remember?”

His blond hair was blown away by a gust of wind, and I wanted to know why he said these words when I looked into his sharp eyes.

Did he know that the small words said casually like nothing made Chel Wang’s heart shake?

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