My Lover Bestfriend – Part_3


“Hey hey why?”

“It’s nothing, you’re calling me standing dead.”

“I’m not going to die, are you going to die, you bastard?”

Even though she said aggressively with her eyes narrowed, her cheeky cheeks still disappeared.

“Come on in, the game is already good, hurry up.”

After Taehyung said that, he ran into the shop at once. Chelwan was only left with one step as he stared at the large back of the person who had run away.


Chelwan also went back inside the shop as the wind was blowing outside and it was getting cold.

There is already quite a party in the shop. Barbecue, beer, and soju are all taking up space on the table.

I took a quick look to see where Kim Tae-young was, and I was surrounded by all the handsome girls. Two on the right, two on the left, two in the front, and five of them were in a state of chaos. They brushed their faces.

The girls there are still clingy. What’s your name, what school did you go to, how old are you, even if you’re in your first year of uni? It’s free.

As soon as I couldn’t look at it, I immediately turned my face away and went to my own circle.

The food around me was also ready to eat. Chelwan was only eating the meat that had been cooked. Looking back at the girls and Kim Thae Hyin, his anger came out and he began to chew the meat with great anger.

“And does this one know the one with the blue hair over there?”

While chewing the meat, she asked me in a sweet voice, so I turned to see a pretty girl.

“I know, he came out of school together with me.”

“Oh, I’m lucky to have a handsome friend.” +

Chelwan smiled slightly. Oh, he is so handsome that I can’t believe it.

“Hon is cute, of course, but it’s bad luck.”

“Huh, why?”

“I don’t have any girl friends. There are more boys, and they’re not good.”

Hearing those words, the girl smiled

“Yes, I don’t have any friends yet. I would like to.”

A Chelwan was happy. He wanted to marry such a beautiful woman. The Chelwan didn’t refuse

“Good! My name is Min Chelwan.”

“I’m Yoon Joo, Kan Yoon Joo”

“I’ll just call you Yoon Ju Yoon, remember?”

“Okay, call me whatever you like, I’m the only daughter who loves company.”

“Aww, I have a brother.”

“Brother, of course.”

“It’s not good”1

They ate meat, drank medju, and sneaked peeks around Tae Hye-hye’s group throughout the event, talking only to their new friends.

Now, my friend Thamo Ye Yat-son is at the 24-hour shop. Pa Ji-min is sitting in a small circle on the table in the front of the shop, looking at the landscape, and the plow is not able to leave the table and Nafu.

Chelwan came out of the store buying three bottles of antidote. He poured one in front of Jimin, one in front of Tae-hoon, one in front of her, and sat on the seat next to her.

“Heh, roasted coconuts, drink coconuts for drunkenness.”

Jimin, who can drink, is the only one who opens and drinks, but Taehoon can’t even raise his head.

“That’s why you can’t drink, why do you drink now? Remember, you can’t drink like Jimin, but really.”

Tae Hoyin frowned because his ears were hot from being drunk.

“If you can’t drink, I’ll go down in front of the girls.”

“I’m sure I can drink now haha”

The drunken Jimin pretended to hear the words of the drunkard Tae Hye while fixing his hair. Chelwan looked at the two of them and shook his head once.

“Well, I’ll go back after a quick drink. If I’m too late, the house will be worried.”

“It’s cool, old lady.”


“Hey, it’s nothing.”

Plow horn, the little plowman, answered while brushing his teeth.


“Fine back”


Ji Min and Tae Hoon were on different paths, so when they reached a crossroads, Ji Min turned his way. Tae Hae Hye and Chelwan walked together on their way home. Tae Hoon was able to walk because he had taken the medicine.

There was only one or two people in the night.

“It’s time to go in.”

“It’s cool, so the girl next to you at the show is pretty.”

“Oh, yes, what are you doing? What do you like?”

Chelwan was waiting for the answer.

“I like On, he’s beautiful”

It’s true that Chelwan was saddened. Would he like her to be lovable rather than beautiful?

“But I don’t really like it, just for fun.”

It’s like a big lump fell from my heart.

“How could a bad guy do that to a girl?”

“I can completely control my mind because I have yet to find someone who can’t control me, and I don’t know if he can control my mind.”

“Cool, I’m going in.”

Chelwan also turned back to the side of Thae Hain when he was about to enter



“Uncle, if you’re traveling, come to my house for lunch tomorrow, and I’ll ask you to make me some soup.”

Thel Hoin also stood in front of Chelwan and placed his palm on Di Aung’s waist

“You’re the only one who knows about me.”

He patted Chelwan’s little head and left with a square, friendly smile.

Chelwan also ran into the house with a smile on his face while holding his head

Looking at the photo taken on her last day of high school that was placed on the table in the room.

“You’re doing things like that, so I can’t be like what I do.”

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