My Lover Bestfriend – Part_4

Chelwan looked at himself in the mirror and smiled with satisfaction. It’s the first day of uni, so I should wear something pretty, right?

Even so, I don’t usually wear dresses and skirts, so I just wore a T-shirt and blue jeans. My hair was only in a bun, so I just laid it down like this and was still getting ready.


Chelwan was startled by the sound he heard while checking to make sure he had the necessary items. My mother and father were looking at the plow with wide eyes, and I saw my mother’s broken wedding glass on the floor.

My mother slapped the arm of Thael Hyoin

“Kim, what happened to your hair? What happened to your hair? What happened to the lightning? How can I tell your mother? How can I tell your parents who are traveling…”

Continuous fat from the mouth, He slapped his hand and pulled Thae Yeong into the house, but he didn’t say anything and kept slapping me.

“Mommy, it’s a bad hair. If I wash my hair again for two or three days, it will fall off.”

When the nurse came in, my mother calmed down and started preparing breakfast.

“Besides, the plow boy will have breakfast here, won’t he?”


The big lips that came out with the sound of saying yes were about to pierce even the mother who was preparing breakfast in front.

“Don’t be fat, and your hair is really like lightning.”

He turned to Chelwan with a slap in the face and his eyes narrowed. He dared not say anything because his mother was there.


After eating the soup and rice that my mother had prepared, Thae Yao and Chelwan left for the bus station to go to the university.

Both of their parents were not poor, but both of them were people who would not enter the business world, so their parents forced them to go by bus to help them become self-reliant.

When he arrived at the bus stop, he saw a pink head sitting at the bus stop, even though he was praying that it wouldn’t happen, but his prayers went to waste. It was Jimin who turned to Chel and greeted them.

He was putting his freshly dyed pink hair back in a wedge

Really can’t beat diamonds.

“Paji, what happened to your hair?”

“I’m so bad, right?”

“I did, my big boy”

Thae Hoyin said with a blunt smile, “How can I go to school with these two cat heads? Now, the people at the bus station look at me. I’m going to look at their heads! It’s not just an idol, it’s real.”

“What happened? If both of your hair colors change again, if it’s not bad, I’ll pull both of your ears and change the color again.”

After Chelwan said that, the bus stopped and got on the bus. The remaining two

“Are you threatening us now?”

“Yes enough.”

“Are you going to be bad again?”

“I think it must be bad. His anger is still not light

Both held their own hair and sighed.


When Chelwan also arrived at the university, he was looking for the class to attend.


While she was looking for a class, Yoon Joo ran straight in front of her in a pink dress. Her long, curly hair was scattered behind her.
Yoon Ju is cool and beautiful.


“Chelwan is late. I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

“It’s because the road is a bit closed.”

“Okay, so have you had breakfast? I haven’t eaten yet. Let’s go to the canteen.”

“I already ate, but I’ll follow if you’re going.”


There were quite a lot of people in the canteen. It was a little late when the Chowans arrived. The Chewans also sat down on the empty seat. Yoon was ordering the bread.

“What is Chelwan eating?”

“I’m done eating.”

“So that’s what I just said.”

When the waiter left, Chelwan also looked around.

“Do you remember your friend there, Chelwan?”

Looking at where Yoon was showing, there was a blue head sitting with his back to Chelwan. There was a girl in front of him. She was very hot and had a beautiful body. She wasn’t flat and thin. She was even taller than she should have been.

“Yun, yes, Yun”

“That girl looks like she’s going to be a little creepy.”

“No, leave it as it is.”

It was true that Chelwan was sad. She quickly covered the sadness in her heart with a fake smile. She didn’t want anyone to know about this matter. Yoon noticed that Chelwan was a little depressed, but she didn’t think it would be a good idea to ask, so she just kept eating the bread.

“Chelwan eats palm?”

“I’m not going to eat anymore, I’m going to school.”


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