My Lover Bestfriend – Part_5

“So, make sure you study all the lessons you learned today. I’ll ask you tomorrow.” +


All the students’ voices of frustration came out at the same time. Chelwan was definitely one of them. I remember that I finished high school and had to study again.

“Why don’t you just come to study so that you don’t want to get bored? It’s only your first day at university…”

Because the teacher was talking to Banya Banya, it was still only five minutes before lunch time.
While Chelwan and Yoon were walking in the corridor to go to the canteen, a pink head ran from one side of the corridor to the other side of the corridor, and next to that head was a man with a full head. He looked like a little coconut head.

“Min Chelwan!”

“Ma’am, call me slowly, you don’t need to call me that loud with your big voice, I heard.”

“It’s cool, don’t you guys want to go eat, remember? We’ll go too, and the one on this side is Jeon Jungkook, who’s the same major as me.”

Jimin introduced the boy with the coconut head next to him.

“Oh, yes, they’re on this side. Me and Major are the same. How about Kanyonju? My friend is beautiful, remember?”

“You’re so beautiful, you and everyone else”


They talked and went to the canteen. The four of them sat in a circle and ordered what they needed. They chatted with each other. Jungkook is a very nice person.

That’s how I made friends again. As for Kim Tae-ho, I can’t even see a shadow. Let me leave it.

When it was time to leave school, I went home with Thae Hyo as usual.


“Oh, daughter Chelwan, come on, daughter”

“Auntie, how are you coming back? You’ll be back in two days.”

“Yes, I want to surprise my son, and I can’t trust Thae Hyeon alone with the house. As my daughter knows, my daughter’s friend is not a reliable person. Also, where is Thae Hyeon? Didn’t she come back together?”


As he was talking, the eyes of Thae Hyo, who came in, widened when he saw his mother. Tae Hyo and his mother’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Kim Tae-hye, what happened to your hair? It’s a bad color. Don’t you know that these bad things are diseases? I can reassure you because of these things. I’m doing things that I want to do as if there were no parents in the palm house.”

“Mom said”

“What did mom say? Look at yourself again #%^&”

Tae Hoe said nothing about my mother’s reprimands, which she couldn’t do without her face. If she answered, she would say that she told her parents, and then she wouldn’t do it. Tae Hoe also looked at Chelwan with small eyes and begged Chelwan to help me. Chelwan let out a tired sigh.

“Auntie, don’t get fat. Tae Hyo-hyung did it to celebrate her getting the major she liked at the university with Jimin. Auntie and her daughter told her to get fat again. In the morning, my daughter’s mother got fat. Auntie, don’t be fat.”

“Yes, Chelwan Lein told me to dye Kim Tae-hye’s hair again, did you hear that?”


He said bluntly in one voice, and went up with a thump to his stomach. Chelwan, for some reason, was staring at that plump face because it was so cute.

“Look, try this boy, the harder it is to talk.”

“Auntie Dasso is coming back.”

“Calm girl”


It’s been two weeks since I started school with Balo. Recently, Kim Tae-hye joined my group. Now, in my group, I, Yoon-la, and a girl named On-mi.
Taehyung, Jimin, and Jungkook are six of them. They have become quite close, and Taehyung is also quiet now. Jungkook is crushing on Yoon. Even though it is too obvious to say it, Jungkook’s laughter is too obvious, and Taehyung is not.

“Let’s drink a bottle each.”

Jungkook put a bottle of banana milk in front of each of them.

“What the hell?”

“Banana milk, we fight as friends”

“As a friend, don’t you think we should buy some bread and feed them? Banana milk?”

“Haha, are you blaming my banana milk? Don’t you know how good this is? I made a big decision to bring mine because I want to drink it. I don’t want to drink it. I can’t buy bread and feed myself. I don’t have enough money.”

“Rich Sons”

“Even a rich man’s pocket money is as heavy as a sesame seed”

Because of the friends who are getting along well with each other, I sometimes have a headache.

“Come on, hey, let’s talk about how we’re going to close school for three days in a row this week.”

“Yeah, isn’t it good if we get together and go somewhere?”

Ji Min also supported and suggested what Chelwan said. The rest of the people gathered around and said that they would go here and there. They decided to go to a park that was convenient for everyone.


“What, why is this guy taking so Fri?”

“All the airs have arrived.”

Chelwan and others have all arrived, but Thel Hoi still hasn’t even seen a shadow. Even though he tried to go with Thel Hoi, Chelwan left first because of the words “go first”.

After waiting for another ten minutes, everyone got impatient. At that time, Kim Tae-hye ran in frantically. Because of Auntie’s words that if she changed her hair color, she would pull it all, the black hairs replaced the blue hairs.

“Sorry I’m late.”

“I know it’s late, but we have to wait for half an hour.”

“I’m really sorry, and we’re going now, can I call another friend?”

There was a girl walking behind Tae Hyo-hyun. She was the hot girl that Yoon had met the other day. Seeing that girl, the three girls’ frowns narrowed and were not clear. That girl has no good manners. Rather than being very beautiful, the make-up that she has done to make herself look so beautiful will not even end up being scratched. Things are also bad.

He looks like he wants attention from what he’s wearing. He’s a friend there, he’s a friend here. I don’t know what kind of idea Tae Hoin brought him.

The coconut head jungkook didn’t know that

“It’s okay, nothing’s wrong, I called.”

At the end of Jungkook’s words, the three eyes were like shields. The other two were normal
Yoon’s lips are even bigger
And looking at Jungkook with displeasure.
Then he suddenly turned back to the east. Jungkook was just thinking about what’s wrong with me.

“So do you have to go all together like this?” 7

“We all have to gather and go. How do you want to go?”

Yoon Joo answered the words of the woman in a slurred speech to Tae Hye. Everyone was surprised. Yoon was a quiet person and never said hello to anyone. He was even more surprised because Yoon said that even Eun Mi didn’t say anything at first.

As for Jungkook, his crush followed quietly saying that the weather was not good. The woman also didn’t leave the side of the plow. The sound of calling the plow one by one was disappointing. No one was interested in them and they were just walking around by themselves.

“Ya jimin, take a picture here when we arrive.”

Eun Mi asks Jimin to take a picture with the big blue lake in the park as the background.

“You girls are always taking pictures.”

“What’s going on with the shoot? Let’s shoot it,” our Jimin said.


Jimin also took Eun Mi’s phone and took a picture of the three of them. Even so, On Mi was still taking pictures alone.

“Stop it, you three, I’ll stop it”

On Mi asked Ji Min and the three to stand in front of the lake.


“So where did the plow go?”

When Onmi said that, everyone noticed. Yes, where did Thae Hyo-hyung stay? I took pictures of all of them, and I took pictures here and there, so I didn’t even notice Thae Hye-oin.

“Okay, I’ll go find it.”

Chelwan didn’t want to disturb the people who were taking pictures, so he went looking for him alone. While looking for Thae Hye, he saw Thae Hye standing next to the big tree, and just as he was about to leave, he saw Ho Min Ma kissing him at the same time. +

It’s like my whole body is shaking. My head is so empty that I can’t think of anything. I’m biting my lips to keep the tears from falling down my cheeks. I’m in so much pain.

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