If you want to go to Baan and people are afraid of it, then go to Lain Mountain

Not too many people. It’s not too tiring to go. It’s also very beautiful. You can look at the pictures we went to one by one.

Right now, the entire city of Yangon is going to Baan and Bagan. If you’re looking for a place to visit on the weekend, I’d recommend Kuin Taung.

There are also baby monkeys. There are also very beautiful rocks. It was a wonderful sight to see.

The taste of standing in the middle of the mountain surrounded by fog is so cool. You can get to this place by car or on foot. Or you can go half by car and half by foot.

It won’t be long after asking along the road west of Baan University. You will arrive at the site at the right time. Most of the pilgrims on the mountain take beautiful pictures.

We also had to cross a small iron bridge that was attached to one place and another.

I had to walk briskly between the mountains. because of foot pain.

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