A blue lake in the village

There is a blue lake in the village near Kalaw in southern Shan State. Kalaw-Taunggyi trip is usually sent there. If you don’t want to swim but want to enjoy the natural blue water, I would recommend the village blue water lake.

It is also called the blue water lake. At the entrance, garbage is dumped around the Mya Thabang Blue Lake. Saying bad things, drawing bath water The Master of Toyae School and the villagers have announced that they should not wash their hands.

The Village Blue Lake is unique from other blue lakes. You can see the bottom of the blue lake, which is crystal clear. You can clearly see that there are trees and fish in the lake. The locals say that there is an emerald vase under the blue lake, and the spirits have offered it to the god who will bloom next. The moment I saw the blue lake, I felt peaceful. Eye strain It makes me feel all kinds of emotions, such as being proud of the fact that there is such a thing in Myanmar.
Not only can you see the blue lake, but you can also visit the forested waterfall around it. You can still take beautiful pictures.

If you go to the blue water lakes, it’s worth considering

It is important to consider that not only the blue water lakes, but also other popular tourist spots in Myanmar, we don’t want to throw garbage. As mentioned above. Wear good shoes. carry a water bottle Buy and taste local food sold around the blue lake. Take extra clothes for swimming.

You can’t swim in the village blue lake, but you can play in the forest. It is important to stay in good health for the trip.
May you rest in peace.

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