Because of these factors

“You insulted me, If you’re so rude, don’t hang out with me. Neither you nor I want a relationship that doesn’t trust you.”

Who should I blame? Finally, I began to see the city life as a sin. The strength of the two lovers’ love, Each other’s beliefs are only related to the subject. However, my thoughts began to blame me for arguing with my lover because of the city’s inconsistencies.

Yangon is always a busy city. A city that is always struggling. Most of the robot-like humans are in Yangon. A city where good friends are rare. Even a city that cannot prioritize its own interests. If that’s the case, why don’t you go and live in other cities? There are still many things I love about Yangon. Even after finishing school, there is a great university in Yangon where you can study many post-graduate diplomas. There are a number of courses that can be completed in a short amount of time for vocational training.

There is Shwedagon Pagoda where you can pray for all your needs if you face difficulties. Not only that. Oil and butter, which is not available in other regions, is available in Yangon. skyscrapers, The shopping malls are the symbols of other cities in Myanmar. Because of these factors, it is inseparable from the land of Yangon. However, most of the cases of falling out with a lover involved Yangon. There are always busy workplaces in Yangon. Everyone is busy with work. To go from office to office, you have to ride crowded buses. They struggle to balance income and outgoings. Among them, my boyfriend is the worst. Even the worst human being in the world.

Getting angry. Because of this, when I talk on the phone, my mind is clear. “How can you calmly talk on the phone if the traffic is tight?” he was shouted at. At work, because of some people who tend to be overly dishonest, I feel frustrated and angry again, so I start fighting while talking on the phone.

“How can you speak well if your heart is not clear?” If you are not confident in one place, it often affects other places.”

I have to pray for him every day so that his work will go smoothly. In between, if it’s the day his mother goes to the hospital, he can’t talk on the phone. He said that it is not convenient to talk on the phone because he has to sit and wait with his mother at the clinic. I also pray daily for my mother-in-law to be well. He is also irritable because he has to queue too much at the clinic, so I pray that he does not have to queue at the clinic for the health of all people. Since he is the eldest in his house, he has to do all the affairs of the whole house. Dust in the house, lights out, Stove broken, Radiator paint, washing dishes He is always involved from the very beginning to the sewing of clothes, so I pray for everything to go smoothly.

“I didn’t hear because I was washing clothes, hey, Why are you calling the phone every now and then? If the time is right, I will take it back. I understand why I didn’t hold it because I wasn’t around.”

I want to be Aladdin’s lamp keeper who can create everything to keep him sane. Don’t pick up the phone even if you’re going to the market. Don’t pick up the phone even if there are guests at home. If there is a power failure, you are not satisfied. Even if there are mosquitoes because of the neighborhood drains, they are angry. When the younger boy returns home, he gets angry, so only Aladdin’s lamp keeper can solve these things, right? What I can do is not to have guests at his house. To make the fire always come, Their whole family is healthy and not bitten by mosquitoes. All the things in the house are not damaged. to avoid dust To ensure that the refrigerator is always full of vegetables and fish, The young man goes home early and becomes a liar who knows and understands the house. To make everything go well in his work…just sending prayers and love. At the same time, I also pray for the prosperity of Yangon.

So that the car to and from the office is not always crowded, To ensure that the phone lines are always clear, In order for municipal waste to be collected regularly, We also share the main points, such as for the electricity to be permanent. May Yangon be healthy to make my lover comfortable.

If Rangoon is healthy, our relationship will be fine, right?

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