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“Think carefully about the more than two years of love, Consider it, If it doesn’t work, they end it.”

Even if it’s not the same words as the words of a boyfriend and girlfriend, we always say the kind of meaning that leads to a breakup. I always say more. He said about ten times. When he said that, I really felt it. Are you just angry? I don’t know if I have a small stomach or not. Of course, I don’t want to continue the current work. I don’t want to continue walking along the way, The feeling of not wanting to do anything, not wanting to hold anything, came after being uncomfortable with my lover.

It’s been two weeks since we saw each other. I miss him. To tell the truth, it is more than missing. The love life of the city is not as easy as it seems. Both he and I have separate jobs, so we don’t see each other whenever we feel like it. Even on the phone, where they talk three or four times a day, they can’t speak straight. When he is working, he is not working. When it is convenient for me, he is busy. At night, his house was small, so he had to support his family. I can only say that I’m about to sleep, I’ve eaten, and I can only go to bed.

“My boyfriend and I go to a hotel once a month, What is this? It’s natural to want to live together in a convenient way before you can get married to the one you’re going to marry. Is this a sin? What matters should be considered in this matter?

They say finding a girlfriend in Yangon, the business capital of Myanmar, is as easy as peeling a banana. It’s wrong to get up and down. I just want to say that the matter that is being dealt with in Yangon is not only one of the most difficult matters in the world. Let’s go to the section where they meet now, love now. For those of us who are trying to make a marriage strong for two Fri-time lovers like us, we feel the impact of the city’s pressure on the road of love.

For the single bodybuilders from the area, they rent a shared dormitory like a married couple and spend their life together. For the girlfriends who have a good salary, they rent an apartment worth 150,000,000 a month. He and I both have our own families based in Yangon, so they can’t rent a room after leaving the family. They don’t rent dormitories. They go to the hotel together about once a month. This kind of thing is no longer a strange thing these days, so they don’t talk about it anymore. Friends and teams also know. After making a big deal, they don’t talk anymore, and they don’t have a small opinion anymore. I thought everything was fine, but the problem was actually between us.

“It costs money, I don’t work hard, This weekend, I have to go to the families of Mingaladon. Mom too”

Work is one Sunday a week. On that day, all housework and outside work had to be done indiscriminately. He and I didn’t want to go to the hotel part time because it was too much. So they went to a hotel for a short overnight trip and stayed together. once a month. There is also a month that does not go. If I don’t go like that, I’m going to have problems with my boyfriend. He gave excuses like family issues, spending money, etc., but I didn’t believe him. I began to have various doubts about whether he didn’t love me anymore, didn’t take me seriously, or was dating someone else. Next, I started talking to my boyfriend.

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