Mary who fulfills wishes

Just yesterday, my cousin’s meeting with another woman on the street was like this… Guess what my cousin’s name is… It’s been more than (3) years since she died of bipolar disorder… When he was there, he legally took (2) wives… his childhood in the first house. The mother’s name from the next marriage was called Moe Gyi… I don’t know her real name either… We were young (8th grade) so we called her Ma Moe Gyi. Have you ever been in and out of the house when you brought him to the house? (4) (5) times.

He looks like a prison-jail driver, with a round face and white skin… I’ve liked him since I was young. Bathing the brothers… eating and drinking like a family… I passed away… Not so much with our house… Yesterday, I was standing near the East Horse Racecourse… the same thing.. others. “Ha… I haven’t seen Ma Moe Gyi for a long time… What is missing…. Where are you going now? “I’ll take you in the car.”

On the phone… Burmese-friendly… after tying the bicycle strap… My charms are increasing as I want to increase… my body contours are still there, “I’m working as a sales clerk now.. since my brother died, why don’t I go to the plaza?”… Then I started talking to him about alcohol He only drinks on his days off. .

Buy 2 Myanmar beer cards and show some appetizers. When I got there… Close the back of the car. Sit and drink and talk… I don’t believe and I remember my brother… Hold your hand, feed me a snack, and sometimes put your head in my lap… I know he’s a bit drunk, I wonder if he’ll come back. Where should I break it? It’s close to here. It’ll be there. .

His work was not good if he was seen by cars passing by, and he went to the Myanmar Life Hotel near Mingaladon. Ma Moe Gyi is the best… it hasn’t fallen yet.

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