The mini watermelon tray is about to topple over

“Hey, I feel sorry for the girl there, I’m crying because the whole market tray fell over.”

For Mini, that voice is no longer strange. They will come to see where the tray of watermelons is overturned. He will pity Mini. They would have given a minimum of two thousand tons and a maximum of ten thousand tons. Isn’t even that purpose a mini-job?

You have to choose a place to create the watermelon tray event. Can’t choose a crowded place. It must be a place where there are few people. Must be a densely populated neighborhood. It must be a place where many cars come and go (meaning private cars). If the basic elements are complete, the business can begin.

The watermelons that Aunt Wiankyi had divided were placed in a row in a tray. Then he went out early to the prearranged place. I was there before there were any pedestrians, and when a car drove by, I overturned the tray of watermelons. After that, a camp started in the Academy Short program. He grimaced and cried and shed tears on the passers-by. Some pretend not to see. Some of them said that they felt sorry for the girl, and then gave two or three thousand. If the weather is good, one afternoon, twenty-five thousand and thirty thousand will come in. When they overturned the tray of watermelons and cried, they gave money, and once they lost their sight, they put the dusty watermelons back into the tray.

When a car or a person comes, pretending to trip, the tray is thrown upside down again. After turning it upside down and picking it up again, the watermelon was crushed and crushed, so I had to go back home and start another program. At the time of arriving at the mini house, the watermelon mind was filled with dirt, I can’t even eat again after washing my feet with sand. It is broken into pieces and only the shell remains. The sand and the red flesh are left where the parts are intertwined. I will not continue the watermelon tray program for half a day. At the end of the day, I can get 340,000, and sometimes I only work for half a day.

“Is it because I stayed in that same place all day?” Everyone will notice you, of course. Some of them live there, It’s been a long time since I came out and called you a liar.

Mini also realized that it is impossible to stay in one place for a long time. “This girl is always overturning a tray of watermelon over here,” two or three viewers will comment. After that, there will be no one to give money to each other. If you encounter such a situation, you have to move. If this month is at the top of Kyungtaw road, next month it will be moved to the opposite side. I still have to investigate the fact that the location of the place is not central.

Another thing is that it is not convenient to make a watermelon tray. If there are plenty of watermelons like now, there is no problem. There are only around one thousand five hundred and two thousand of one big ball. When watermelons are scarce, when the price goes up, they choose other cheap fruits. Mini is usually made with watermelon, pineapple, Papaya. After the fruit tray overturned story, he had to do the work of asking for money. Ask for money in the car.

That work is not as much as you think. Three years ago, my eight-year-old daughter was working. Taking the stack of paper that Daw Wian Kyi handed to me, he drove back and forth from the cart station to the Munni Kone station, handing out papers in the car and asking for money. At least a thousand on a car. However, at this time, the situation is not looking good.

“Children who easily ask for money and use it easily. “I won’t give” and they won’t give. Knowing that it was a lie, he would not have given it. Just what Mini said.

“I think it would be good if the letters were changed to some other form, aunty. As usual, I heard a voice say that’s it.”

“Do you know how to read what’s written without a long tongue?”

I can’t read, but I know the contents of the book very well. “First of all, I would like to say that I am sorry if this letter has offended the tourists. My daughter’s name is Mini and she is 11 years old. My daughter’s mother died when she was six years old, and my daughter’s father is currently amputated due to a traffic accident.

I just listened to what Daw Wian Kyi said and kept quiet. In my mind, I wanted to read that letter one by one. One day, while hoping to learn to read, an opportunity came to Mini.


Mini’s job is watermelon, It was a job of overturning a market tray with pineapples and handing out paper in the car and asking for money. From morning to afternoon, I visited a market stall and ate a piece of rice. They had to ask for money from noon until late in the evening. In the yard where Mini was sitting, there were many birch snails the same size as Mini. There is no such thing as free time. I have to deal with my work every day. For example, a good Mini Maung had to go to crowded places and ask for money. Restaurant They had to go to cold stores and beg.

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