61 Bus (short story)

“The phone is off”

The exclamation of the young woman behind me caused the attention of the entire bus to reach her. A girl in her early 20s. It looks like going to work. He easily put the backpack aside and held the lunch box in one hand. His hair seems to be neatly combed, but because the car is crowded, his earplugs are falling out, and he has sweaty pores all over his body. It’s not just him. As if the whole car was in a steam distiller, the heat was sizzling and sizzling.


The girl’s anxiety spread to everyone. I was standing next to him, so my anxiety would be even greater. Driving 0 YBS No. 61 in Yangon was full of anxiety. It’s no longer unusual because the problem encountered when riding a bus is faced by every resident, but (61) every bus rider is more than that. Why do they suffer more from (61) bus riders even if they are the same passengers?

All the (61) big buses are more old than other cars. A car with sunroof aircon is rare in number (61). There is no internet, no problem for me. It is important to arrive at the destination on time to make the ride comfortable, but when you are driving slowly, Due to the events that tend to crowd people, I was disappointed again. In that case, why not take another bus?

There is only one (61) bus from where I live to where I work. So, I ride (61) every morning at 7:00 a.m. from the Insein Photawwa stop, where I live, to the Kartan Kyaw Agriculture stop, where I work. sometimes 6 hours; I still go at half past six. Every evening at 6:00 p.m., I usually go back to Paktawwa stop on the same (61) ride at the agriculture stop. It should be noted that from last March (2019, March) to the current September (2019, September) on weekends. Except for Sundays and other holidays (61), he did not miss a single day of riding. go to the office I even went to the office by that bus, so (61) I am already a customer.

The bus starts from Western Institute of Technology-Dagonsh Era Expressway-Thampong Roundabout-BOC Roundabout-Diam Market-Aung Zeya Bridge and goes along Burinnaung Road to Burinnaung Road-Hishik Road-Shimai Road-Ghetan-Munigon-Shwegontai-Rangoon Bus Station-Sule. It should also be said that according to the changed 0UBS route system, there is only one bus to go directly to Suleiman from the point where I live. Since the car came from Hlaing Tharya, it was packed with people by the time it reached Phong Taw Wa. Don’t think that you will be followed by another train. The next ride will be tighter. people While sweating, the driver screamed and was very disappointed, but he couldn’t do it. There is no other ride except that car. Therefore, Khandhi Parami had to be stretched for the longest time. After arriving at the agriculture stop from the Paktawwa stop, he got off the car and sighed with relief.

“It must have been from around here that it just happened.”

Being in the closest place to that girl made me feel hot. His whole face was red, and his ears were tense as if they were hanging. I was afraid that he would be caught in my pocket, and the thought that if he had reached into my backpack and thrown it somewhere, the thought reigned as the pinnacle of fear. If so, what should be done? I don’t really think that there is anything to be afraid of. On what grounds can the person who was arrested be refused?

And the pickpocket from Yangon is not alone. According to reports, there is a custom of coming in groups. According to the local saying, According to experienced people. I myself have seen and experienced a group of pickpockets. Also, in the previous decade, there was a warning sign on the car that said, Beware of pickpocketing,'' but now, an additional message saying,Beware of pickpocketing,” has been added. Even if they found the real culprit who hacked the phone, they couldn’t say that they wouldn’t be able to find the group. I met a friend from the office not long ago. From a week ago.

When my friend saw her holding her phone, she immediately grabbed her hand and returned the call. The last car had to stop on the side of the road. Both the pickpocket group and Friends get out of the car. It was close to office hours, and the driver avoided the problem by giving an excuse. Five friends and pickpockets were left on the road. two women The group of pickpockets, consisting of three men, looked at their friend with red eyes and showed aggressive behavior.

“They came from behind and slapped the phone I was holding in my hand, When I picked it up, he kicked my hand and slapped my face. I’m a pickpocket, so I called out for help, and my face looked like that

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