Rainy night

The other day, Maung Maung Kin Ma Kyuan Tot. At home, Ma Ma Aye and Uncle Lay said that a relative from the Sagaing side had passed away, so father and son would spend the night asking for news.

There were only my uncles, aunts and uncles at home. It was overcast and windy all around, Maung Maung ran out of the room and was helping his aunt to store the things in front of the house.

“Hey, Maung Maung, go up and close the doors upstairs.”

“Yes, Aunty,” Maung Maung ran upstairs, Maung Maung’s aunt Daw Htwe Htwe closed the front door and went upstairs again, entered their room and closed the door behind her head.

Daw Htwe Htwe saw that the wind was blowing and the house was shaking. In the meantime, the electricity went out and it was dark and gloomy. “Won Jane Dalang” “Tae Maung Maung” “Rey Daw Lae is here!” Daw Htwe Htwe’s startled call made Maung Maung come up with a flashlight.

“Why don’t you?” “You know I’m afraid of dating.” Daw Htwe Htwe is only about 45 years old, and she is a strong woman with dark skin. “Jane Dajemal, Jane Cha Lwin” “Oh my dear” After the appointment, Daw Htwe Htwe screamed in a young voice and ran to hug Maung Maung. Maung Maung screamed in shock. She hugged Daw Htwe Htwe back “Jane Delane Jane Jane” “Oh Mom” ​​because of the continuous rain, Daw Htwe Htwe’s knees trembled and she hugged Maung Maung tightly.

The person who was suffering Maung Maung had been living with him since he was young, but now it is difficult because they are not close together. Daw Htwe Htwe’s plump breasts pressed against his chest, making it even worse. It’s raining heavily, I think it’s near the land of Kasonla. It’s raining, and there’s a thunderous sound of lightning as if it’s raining.

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