A new friend who doesn’t line up


“That’s… Those who buy it for ten thousand will pay it if they ask for it, brother. Because my brother still only has eight hundred and five hundred worth…”

The girl looked at me patiently. However, the pure simplicity is not seen on his face. He wanted to give it to her, but it was a deliberate gesture that he didn’t have the right to.

“Calm down sister, It’s okay, I’ll just give the books to my brother like this. I don’t want to take a bag with me.”

“Yes, yes”

When he didn’t even hear the words, “I’ll give you a bag, brother, I’m sorry,” he wondered if the shop owner had pushed him on purpose. However.

“Hey sister”

I heard a voice from the west. When he turned around, he was now a man. The person who went over to the east to buy a book, It’s a person who doesn’t line up.

The counter clerk looked at him.

“The value of the three books that my brother just took is over seven thousand. I added the brochure that my brother bought to that brochure, So it’s over ten thousand, My sister can give me the paper bag my brother wants.”

He was really taken aback by his words.

I just looked at him with displeasure. He had the attitude of not fighting. He might want to realize it, but at this moment, he is helping me.


When the little girl was having a hard time denying his words, he began to press on.

“I don’t want a paper bag because it’s beautiful, but it’s expensive, sister. I didn’t want to use a loose bag, so I asked for a paper bag next to my sister because I wanted to protect myself from the side effects of loose bags. If you ask the sister’s employer, you will know that the paper bag was placed in my sister’s shop for the purposes that my brother said. Now, my brother, Charot, I’ll give it to you with the money my brother bought.”

He gave me a smile. Then he left the small bookstore.

The clerk took the paper bag I wanted and put the books in it. Even listening to what the other person said.

No more counter events in my mind. He only focused on his back and stared at it.

A new friend. He is my new friend. I have never met, I treated him as a friend who I had never spoken to face to face. I did not see him clearly. If I hadn’t controlled my mind, I would have spoken aggressively. Even though I was hostile towards him, he helped me. My mind was understood.

It would be nice if he and I could meet again, but I’m not sure if I can remember it properly. Looking at the books in the paper bag, he was thrilled and stared at the way his new friend was leaving.

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