Car teacher and car owner


At the bus station, the middle 5 seats were full of people. It can be accepted up to that point. Before leaving the Aung Myung highway, some people with a driver’s license came up. It’s only for the middle seat, so I thought there were four or five more people, right? 21 people. If you have to go home by car, people also take the car, so the old people and children can’t get it. Sitting on the side seat, should I remove the grandmother-sized ones? I had to pick up the children and share them, so I had to come with my teeth. That much can still be accepted. full of people on the sidelines, The middle seat is full of people. The fare for those sitting in the middle seat is the same as that of the people sitting on the side.
Goods have started on Ha Road. I opened the hood of the car and loaded the goods. Arrived at midnight. stop somewhere Load up. Stop at the next place and load up. Finally, because the undercover of the car was full of goods, the middle seat of the people in the car, Under the side seats have been added one by one. The place is too crowded and the smell of goods is starting to waft.
Finally, I started adding dried chilies. Get out of the way, Get rid of this person for a while, you go sit over there, there is an empty seat on the other side, and the conductor roared all the way, not a single word of complaint. At one place, a man stood up and said that he couldn’t bear it. Our people. The elder brother who brought us to Man Aung asked the conductor very nicely. When I said, “The car is already crowded, there are so many things in the middle seat, so there will be a lot of people sitting.” If it doesn’t belong to you, don’t enter. Sitting back in my seat calmly, Even those sitting in the middle didn’t say anything because they were satisfied. What’s wrong with you?” My brother was angry and started to coil when he replied. The story begins there. I can no longer accept it.
My brother stood up in the car and asked everything. “Are you all satisfied with this cargo on this car?” The whole car went blank and they didn’t answer a word. The conductor can also do it. He smiled slightly. My brother asked again. “Are all of you satisfied with this cargo on this car?” One answered, “Not satisfied, not satisfied.” That’s me.
Our team is there, A father of a child in the car and the driver, The conductor started to have problems. As far as I can remember, what the brothers said (I’m biased, I can’t say much) is this.
“Stop your car right now, Put all those things back.”
“This is a car carrying people, not a car carrying goods. Not a truck.”
“You’re quite out of the law, I don’t care about passengers.”
“Tell us who asked you to post it like that.” Who said you can post that? Give him his phone number and we will ask.”
Finally, the big car was parked on the side of the road and we called the bus station. The local people who came here and there in the car are quiet with small eyes and small ears. I got on the phone with the manager of the bus station. He said they were wrong. He persuaded the drivers that they were not allowed to load. The driver and the conductor looked at us and put all the things we loaded back down and put them under the cover. I put it back in the cargo area and continued driving. After driving for about two miles, I stopped the car somewhere on the side of the road.
Then the conductor and driver stood near the front seat where the passengers were riding and said to our group. “We apologize, The goods have been dropped, I won’t put it on the road anymore.” There, we said yes, calm down. It’s okay and it’s over. The bus that usually arrives at Taungkot at around 6 in the morning arrived at 4 in the morning that day. Some of the passengers on the car whispered to thank us, and my brother taught me, “If you do something like that, you can’t be quiet, and you have to say it back.”
A car and then a boat. The ship to Man Aung Island is the worst in the world. People in Rakhine state have a high tolerance for him. It was not enough to put hundreds of people on a small boat, and I had to wait for people to wait for more than two hours. That’s why the people of Rakhine don’t take the Yangon bus.
Therefore, among those that need to be saved in Rakhine state are those bus stations and boats. There will be good cars too. The car we went to was in a very bad condition.
May you rest in peace.

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