My Lover Bestfriend – Part_1

“It’s almost time for Chelwan Yetai to go, isn’t it over yet?”

As the kitchen downstairs made a small noise, a chelwan came running downstairs in a school uniform from upstairs.

“It’s done, mom.”

“Even though it’s cold, my brother Yoongi still hasn’t woken me up. Go wake me up, my daughter, because mommy hasn’t finished making breakfast yet.”

Because of my mother’s request for help, Kal Naga went to wake up his brother Min Yoongi. When he reached the front of the room, he closed the door.

“Oppa, are you awake? Get up, oppa.”

Yoongi, who was sound asleep without hearing the calls, was still sleeping soundly, not even paying attention to the voice of Cheulhan

“Oppa has come in.”

Even though he was sleeping, he didn’t seem to be able to wake up. He pulled Yoongi’s blankets and pulled his legs down, but handsome Yoongi didn’t even open his eyes. 5

“Oppa, get up, sister, it’s late, get up.”


“get up”

Yoongi’s body still had to be taken to the bathroom with him.

“Sister Oppa, I’ll come back and check on you, don’t think about going back to sleep.”

Until Chelwan left the room, Yoongi was sleepy, with only one eye open.

“Aye, have you woken up my brother?”

Mom asked from the side of the stove as Yoongi came out of the room.

“When I woke up, I forced myself into the bathroom, mom.”

“Aye, let’s go check on the plow horn too. I don’t know if the palm is awake yet.”

“Yes mommy.”

They have always gone to the same school, they have been together since they were young, and they married face to face, so my mother knows about the Plowman. Not only the two of them, but both mothers are friends. That is why they are always together. Because of Taehyung’s habit of getting up late, Leo is always late for school.

“Yes, mother and daughter, why don’t you go see it now?”

“Calm down girl, it’s not good to be late on graduation day.”

“yes mommy”

Chelwan also went out to her friend Taehyung’s house, which was opposite her house. When she got to the front of the house, someone rang the bell. Not Fri after, she saw Taehyung’s mother with the door opening.

“Hey Chelwan girl, come in”

“Yes, Aunt Taehyung is awake too?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t come down yet.”

“Then, daughter, I’ll go and see.”


Taehyung went upstairs to the room. When he reached the front of the room, he opened the door.

The scene he saw from the door made Chelwan tremble.

The side view of him carefully combing his little black hair with a wheel. The spiky eyes are carefully looking at his image in the mirror. The small tip near the tip of the sharp nose is also noticeable. The liver-shaped lips can make one girl’s heart fall out.

Even looking at it from the side, he has a flawless face.

Taehyung neatly dressed in his school uniform. His elegant body proportions and tall height made him stand out even more because of his school uniform. He is the whole king of the whole school.

“You’re even looking at me because of how handsome I am?”

A Chelwan came back to his senses after Taehyung’s voice, and he answered the question asked by Taehyung’s ecstatic face.

“No, the person who didn’t even wake up from the elephant’s scream before woke up early, so it looks strange.”

Chelwan threw his hands behind his back and entered the room. Taehyung yawned with a thin smile at Chelwan’s words.

“I have to get up, I have to make sure to prepare the king of the school on the day of the game.”

“It’s cool, it’s cool, it’s done, I’m going downstairs, come quickly.”

“I’m here, grandma, smile forever.”

“What are you doing here, grandma? Look at my fist and I’m going to punch you right in front of your face.”

Indeed, Chelwan’s five-foot-four-inch height was not nearly as tall as Taehyung’s five-foot-six.

“Hahaha, the big fist is so big, I’m scared”

“Nin Nao”


So the two of them came down the stairs.

“Are you done screaming?”

“Yes, mom, I have to get up early on a day like this.”

“Yes, mother has prepared breakfast and came to eat. Has my daughter eaten yet?”

“I haven’t eaten yet, Aunty.”

Chelwan frowned and rubbed the baby’s stomach with his hand.

“So, let’s go back to work at once.”

“Yes, Aunty.”

“Do you refuse a little?”

“Why should I deny it? I can’t deny it.”

After saying that, Taehyung laughed a little as he looked at Chaka and Chelwan, who went into the kitchen.

“Daughter, eat more water.”

“I’ll eat it, Auntie’s”

“Mom also won’t eat it.”

After Taehyung’s words, Chel Wan sent it directly to the beautiful side, not by delivery. 4

“Now, my son is just starting to become a surgeon, my daughter.”

He said as he handed Chelwan a new plate of toast, which had only been eaten by three people.


After eating a little bread, it became dry
He reached for the cup of milk that was beside him. At that moment, Taehyung also reached for it, and the two of them immediately started to look at each other.

Both Chelwan and Taehyung looked at each other with the look of “I’m going to drink.”

“I’ll drink.”

“I took it first.”

“Prepared for me”

“Now, mom, I’ll make another cup.”

“I can’t, just drink it, let me go”

“I won’t let you go, I’ll drink.”

The two parents sitting in front of them only looked like they couldn’t.

At that time, no one but the girl knew that a girl was secretly thrilled by the boy holding her hand.


“Ma’am is still coming.”

When Chelwan and Taehyung arrived at school, they were greeted with a cold welcome by their best friend.

His lips, which were already fat, were even fatter, and his dark brows were still shrinking.

Jimin is short-tempered. Jimin is also Chelwan’s friend with Taehyung. If Jimin, who is on the other side of the road where Chelwan is, follows them, his face will be angry like that, and if he is behind, his face will be bloodied and flattered.

“I have to come to the graduation party.”

“Even if you come, come early. I’m already waiting here for a giraffe.”

“Being a giraffe will make you taller?”5

Taehyung couldn’t handle Taehyung’s words anymore, so he laughed out loud.

“Nin, don’t tell us, let’s go in. It’s already late.”

The big graduation ceremony was really one-of-a-kind. After that, we exchanged words with friends that were hard to meet, followed the teachers that we loved, feared, and respected, and took pictures together. It was really fun.

“Now, the three of you will stand here, hyung, and I’ll take a picture.”

The old man, who was lazy and didn’t want to do anything, just wanted to sleep, so he would take a picture of them, so the three stood in a row in front of the school.

After all the family photos were gone, there were still a few people in the school. Taehyung and the three of them were looking around the school, which was not easy to come back to because the school would be closed at closing time.

The three of them sat on a bench located a few steps away from the school library and took a glimpse of the school.

“We’re going to break up after school.”

Jimin started to break the calm situation by talking.

“Hey, why do we have to break up? Why don’t we break up? We’re just friends forever.”

Shuka reached out to the two friends on either side of her.

“It’s different from a major at uni though.”

Jimin said with a slap.

“Major is different, uni is the same”

“You have the power to speak. You two have the same major.”

“Ma’am, is he going to bother me? When he gets there, he won’t even bother me by flirting with the pretty girls.”

“Even if you know, grandma.”

At the end of Taehyung’s words, Chelwan also looked at Taehyung with fiery eyes

“Why are you calling me again? You’re dead.”

In the school campus, Taehyung ran, Chelwan ran, and Jimin had to drag the two of them, and their voices spread throughout the school, and it was a happy evening.

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