As if hungry

Because I mentioned the car, the result has been bad, Just like the story of the mute turtle that I was familiar with when I was young, Things that shouldn’t have happened because there was no blanket of mouth, But that bad effect fell not on me, but on me, the person concerned. Why do you have to go to Ma, who lives an honest and innocent life?”
I thought while listening to the words that Daw Daw was sobbing.
“I deeply apologize for the death of my daughter because of me, I’m sorry I can’t answer, Daw Daw La, I don’t know what to do anymore.”
“Oh, it’s not my son’s fault, man. What will the son know? At that time, what was the child’s age? Daw Daw was able to comfort her by saying that it was destined to happen to her. Don’t be sad, there is something you can do.”
“Since my son has arrived, as I just said, I will make a donation dedicated to him. To share the water.”
“Yes, we want to implement it as soon as possible.”
“Well, Daw Daw has been unconsciously anticipating the day you will come.”
“Didn’t Sister Myat Bwok tell Daw Doc that I would come?”
“Does she have a boyfriend?” Every time Daw Daw asked if Maung Aung loved him, he used to reply, so I remember it. He didn’t have it, If you don’t meet your girlfriend Min Hantha now, she will come to your mother in ten years. I often say that, I thought it was just a joke, but when I heard more and more, if I thought it subconsciously, I was hiding. After my daughter’s death, I heard those words and kept imagining the coming of the four people in my mind.”
Ma predicted that I would come to Daw Dok. That’s how I came.
“After not having a daughter, Daw Daw is no longer happy to be living alone. Relatives support and care, But after the bond was broken, I became eager to focus on God. That’s why I’m giving the house to my family, and I’ve been living here for about ten years, which is close to Daw Daw Win’s dharma home. money, The food must not be hot, Some of the money I’ve been eating with bank interest since I had my daughter, There are some items inside, My aunt and sister will be coming soon.”
“I think it’s the aunt I met there once.”
“Yes, that’s Daw Dong’s biological sister.”
She went into the room and brought a photo album.
“Rob’s family and aunts and uncles are there. If you want to see pictures of your relatives, let’s see them.”
I seem to have noticed that I was looking at the pictures hanging on the wall to see if I would put up the pictures of my sister Myat Wok on the wall. He took the album she gave him with both hands and flipped through it. I want to see the pictures of the beautiful sister Myat Buk. It’s a graduation dress, an office uniform, and hanging out with friends. I even took pictures with some family members.
More than halfway through the album, I can no longer see the pictures of sister Myat Buk. Only found pictures of other species. I decided not to look anymore, and when I flipped the last page, my eyes widened to see what had happened.
A picture of Phu Phu and his siblings. The two siblings were filmed climbing a tree and playing like monkeys. Yes. Definitely. Flipping through the next page, I saw evidence that was even more certain. Beautiful clothes and beautiful photos.
“Have you ever seen this, Daw Daw?”
“Yes, that’s my niece. Do they know each other?”
“Yup, to be honest, he is my current boyfriend.”
Not special anymore. I don’t want to lie, I don’t want to hide anymore. And this is something that must be known one day. At the moment, my face is really hot.
“Someone I met there once was his mother.”
Oh! I had talked to my mother-in-law beforehand. He tried to pave the way for me with gold and silver. He planned to take her home. But for various reasons, it did not reach the summit. In order to get closer to the family, I asked Aung Ong to come to me soon and have a conversation. But Aung Aung and his servant Tao are not on the same page.
“Now, don’t be shy, you’re admitting the truth, thank you. Daw Daw agrees with the man and his niece.”
“I’m so happy”
“When will you come again to arrange things for my daughter?”
“I’ll come tomorrow, Daw Daw, I wonder if it would be good if we donate alms for a day at the same meditation center that Daw Daw enters.
“Well, very good.”
What else is there to do for the last sister Myatwuk except for charity? That day, when I was about to go back, Daw Daw said something to me. It’s also one thing that I didn’t think about.
“Ming Hantha, There is one thing that is similar to orchids and fufu. It’s the same handwriting when they write.”
When I started reading the diary of my sister Myat Bukwok, the answer became clear because of those words, as if I had seen the handwriting. I thought it was clear about Sister Myat Nyu, but I still have another important job to do.

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