As Young As

He was about to be cheated, since he started calling “younger brother, jokingly, jokingly.” In modern terms, I know I’m going to be pregnant. When I first arrived in Yangon, I was treated like that, wasn’t it? The younger brother who was called was only in his early 20s. He was clean-looking, combed his hair neatly, and neatly dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. His face was covered with red-brown pimples. That’s why I had to jokingly call him.

Roots of plants from unknown places and regions. The leaves are stacked on a large sheet of vinyl. Also on vinyl, acne cure, antidote, Antidote Painkillers, etc. are written down along with pictures of skin ailments. Pictures (downloaded from the internet) of people with acne are also featured on one side of the vinyl. I don’t know for sure if the medicine they sell really cures the pain. The guy was sure that he would sell drugs.
“Brother, a little while away”
The boy, who had been called to drink tea by the waiter in the same tone as the policeman in the movie, had reached their ears without hesitation. I looked at my watch and it was still a little early. That’s why I secretly followed him. Since they are pedestrians, they don’t speak to me except to stare at me. The boy was ready to use words.
“Brother, come back soon”
The tone was almost exactly the same as the voice of the customer calling the beer bar waiter. I stood with my back to them, standing where I could completely hear what they were going to say to each other. as if waiting for a bus As if preparing to stop a taxi, both ears went to their place.
“I have pimples on my face. I want to give you a medicine as a gift of love.”
I smiled. They instantly became the most generous human beings in the world. Campaigning with those words can get a lot of supporters, right?
The rabbit boy will stare at them with a confused expression. They are going to find the pimples on the boy’s face and take the money. By saying that, I don’t want to be accused of being a liar. It does not mean that he is dishonest. If you object to me that everything is working out of the box, I have no strong reason to refute it. Of course, if you can talk about the money that you have given me, you will be able to testify.
“My brother often gets pimples?”
“Jose has been using this medicine for a long time, but it still hasn’t been completely eradicated?”
“Aye, that’s why my brother kindly wants to give me a gift to cure acne”
“Here I am”
It’s true that it’s going to be a gut feeling. I can see my form from decades ago. At that time, I was a 16-year-old teenager, so I was already troubled by acne. I found out that he was lying to me as if he had sold me a cure for acne. “Just use it for two days, if you don’t lose it, come shoot me.” I was afraid and believed, and gave all the money in my bag. It’s worse that he doesn’t set a price on how much. I still remember how he preached.
“I gave it to my brother because I wanted him to be good, and because it was made of natural fresh river grass, it shouldn’t cause any harm. Just use it for two days. I didn’t ask how much it cost. I only gave as much as you had. If it’s one hundred, one hundred and five hundred, if it’s five hundred, If you’re grateful enough, if you give me one thousand five hundred, there’s no problem, four hundred.”
At that time, my pocket money was only one hundred per day. It was also the time when he had just arrived in Yangon from the province and was going to school. The one thousand and five hundred that he said is far from me. I had to give the two hundred tons in the bag unwillingly.
I don’t trust their medicine in my mind. Also, when I get home, I don’t feel like applying it at all. His tone even felt threatening. As you have heard that Yangon is full of lies, you used to look at everything with suspicious eyes, didn’t you? Even in the middle of looking like that, he was cheated from time to time. A stick of pork is being sold for twenty. One stick is twenty. However, when three sticks are inserted into a block of pork chopsticks, the total becomes 60. A boiled beef intestine is sold for 100. After buying and eating, it becomes 300 per game. If you ask why, 100 tons is a small amount. Now it is sold for 300 tons.
In the era when apples were rare, they were sold for 50 per apple. When you want to buy one, it becomes 200. 50 tons are said to be half rotted on the side. After going through all kinds of lies for many years, he was satisfied with Yangon.

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