“Indeed, Auntie, The clothes I wore that day were exactly what my aunt told me.”
With a red long sleeve hood. blue jeans Black shoes. Light blue t-shirt from jacket sleeve. The day you came from your home. After the day they surrounded me and abused me, I remember wearing those clothes when I came to the camp one day.
“Then the man really came.”
“Yes, I came on the date of January 15, 2004 that he had appointed. But beckoning from the other side of the road, I never saw him.”
“Oh well, Now it’s 2014”
If someone had been listening next to us, they would have commented that they didn’t know what we were talking about. The two understood the situation, so they spoke to each other at a good pace. About my sister.
“He was really hoping that you would come.”
what about me. Did he go to that camp to get a chance to meet her? In any case, I went to get there. I made it there despite people stopping me. I remembered that Ma would be sitting on the deck waiting for me at that time that day.
“Did you tell Daw Daw that he will die that day?”
I don’t think about whether it’s a question you should ask. Ask openly what you want to know. When she heard my question, tears welled up in her eyes.
“I didn’t say it, I didn’t tell Daw Doc.”
“He can’t believe it himself.”
“Did the man know in advance that he would die?”
“I don’t know in advance, I’m just guessing.”
As a mother, I understand that her youngest daughter is still feeling hot.
“That day, there was a lot of blood along the road. The drops of blood that came out of my daughter, It’s been a long time, But like yesterday, I can still see it in my eyes.”
Who can easily forget that past? I was listening quietly so as not to lose the speed of her speech.
“Daw Daw ran away as soon as she realized that her daughter had been hit by a car. To my daughter, In an instant, there was a noise around Pyye Road. I think the burning in that moment will be the hottest in the world, When they saw Daw Daw running away, the cars driving along the road also stopped. Some passers-by and some people on the pond also came.”
In my eyes, I imagined it was like a scene from a movie. At that time, I want to go there myself. I want to be able to hold my baby and take her to the hospital.
“I lost consciousness because of too many injuries,” he said. After reaching Daw Dok’s hands, he lost consciousness in a moment. They sent me around the hospital, of course. Aunts and uncles, I called my daughter’s friends as far as I could reach, The owner of the car that hit my daughter is helping from start to finish. Because her daughter stubbornly ran towards the road, Daw Dok had no idea to blame the owner of the car that hit her. I consoled myself as much as I could, saying that everything is related to cause and effect.
No matter how she comforted him, he definitely couldn’t forget her until now.
“Many of my daughter’s friends came after hearing it, Maung Aung Chit stayed by my daughter’s side all the time.”
Heard it for the first time. I was waiting to see if he would say it. He still hasn’t told her about going to see U Aung Chit in Shanghai. How much did U Aung Chit do? I would like to hear Daw Daw tell you how much she was able to love Myat Bwok.
But Daw Daw did not give details. After summarizing all the topics, he told me.
“I didn’t even stay for a day, He passed away that evening. From the time he was admitted to the hospital until the day he died, All Maung Aung Chit did, Around noon that day, I became aware, At that time, Maung Aung Chit and Maung Aung Chit were talking and writing letters. But… but it was too late when he realized that those actions were his last effort to do what he wanted to do.”
Oh… don’t laugh. This time it’s not Daw Daw Tin. I have tears. because of me It was because of me that my sister died, and I was deeply saddened.
In fact, I am a part of the murderer. so what’s up. I killed my sister Myat Buk. If the two of us don’t meet online, If you don’t make an appointment, If I hadn’t said a lot of words, these events would not have happened. I especially shouldn’t have told her that her diary came into my hands. Also, since December 15th, there are no more letters in the diary.
Why did I tell the story of a person’s death? And the lack of writing in the diary can’t be anything other than death? I must have wondered why he died. Huh, it’s getting hard to think.
“You shouldn’t say it

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