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Let’s start with a rice cooker in a small village in Shan State

First, you can soak the split rice in water. If it’s glutinous rice liquor, glutinous rice is used instead of rice. The rice that comes together must be cooled for an hour and a half or two hours. When the rice has cooled, it must be mixed with yeast.

Yeast is the main ingredient needed to ferment rice. These pictures are rice wine from Shan State. When Ui Tun was in Chin Mountain, when they made yeast, they mixed leaves from the forest and river buds. The same is true in Shan State. As far as U Tun asked, there are about 10 types of New River grass that are needed to make yeast. Spicy in yeast It contains delicious green leaves. So I just want to say it’s free.

Lately, they don’t mix the yeast themselves anymore. You can easily buy it in the market. The price is also cheap. If the yeast is good, the quality of the alcohol is different.

When you mix the steamed rice and the yeast, you can make it very skillfully.

After that, you can prepare the pot for fermentation. The pot can be filled with bitter leaves first. They fought with kokkol leaves. For example, if you want the alcohol to be sweet, you can mix the pot with bitter leaves.

After preparing the pot, you can add the fermented rice into the pot. Add it, sprinkle yeast powder on top, pour a little water and let it soak. You have to keep the custard pot for 7 days. After about three days, you still have to open the jar and fill it with water.

After 7 days, alcohol can be brewed. In the country of U Tun Tochin, when cooking, the kasao pot is placed at the bottom to let the steam evaporate in the middle pot, and the water pot is placed at the top. In Shan State, I don’t see three-cent pots. I don’t know if you have removed it.

When the steaming pot condenses and overflows through the hole, the liquor is poured from the long pole connected to the pot.

The alcohol content is the strongest and is said to be around 60 percent alcohol. The more alcohol you get, the percentage will gradually decrease. If you mix it with water, you can drink it.

Now let’s just drink free rice

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