Sibling competition is because of parents

Some parents are young
One on one
He taught me to love
Some parents don’t know
I don’t know if they said it casually
The older one is clever, the younger one is not clever
The older one is good, the younger one
Big bad brains
The younger one knows how to be blind
I don’t understand the three big shadows
🙏 Please, the elder is clever
The small one is bad, Banya
The little one is cuter than the big one
I’m going to love only the little one
Please don’t say anything that will cause children to be divided
When we were still young, we were fighting each other
When you are young, you are big and competitive
It’s like the big side…
Children are still young
It’s good to be afraid when you grow up
Because parents don’t notice
Siblings each other…
The beginning of their competition
Because of parents
Himself on the children
Be fair
Do not unite for your generation
The biggest bad habit
They beat each other
Fix it while you’re still young
Siblings grow up
My sons, my daughters
Before you say don’t you love each other?
Did you teach us to love each other?
Each child
Don’t you stop comparing every now and then? Think about it
If you say you don’t know
Fix it for kids
Make brothers and sisters love each other
It is the responsibility of the parents to teach
In a family…
How much siblings love each other
Teacher Mi and F’s speech
The effects of behavior are many
Siblings do not love
When my parents were young
I didn’t learn to love
Teach them to love each other.
Who is right or wrong, the elder bullying the younger, the younger talking back to the older
Totally unacceptable.
As parents, if such behavior becomes
Don’t tell me that it’s just sometimes
If you start saying it again and again
There will be no more respect
Big and small
You/you/me/name etc. can’t be called
Not called
Brother / Aunt / Brother / Sister / Brother
Call me like that…
These things cannot be taught
It is easy to make children love each other
It has become difficult to make adults love.

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