Ananda the rich man

Ananda the rich man

When the Buddha was living in the land of Savatthi, he preached this sermon about the Putta Matti to a rich man named Ananda.

(Ananda should only be said in the masculine form, but the Burmese call Ananda in the masculine form. It is the same for Sariputra and Aryat Sangha.)

The rich man Ananda died and became a prostitute

There was a rich man named Ananda, who had forty crores of riches in the land of Savatthi, and was extremely sparing. The rich man Ananda called together all his relatives every half-month, and gave such teachings to his son, whose original name was Siri, when he was three years old. “Don’t get the impression that these forty crores of property is a lot, Don’t give away things that are obvious. It is necessary to increase the new property. To the one who destroys even the wealth of a lifetime, the wealth is only a merchant. Therefore:

Achsana Nam Khan Dithua, Upasika Ninth Asean.

Madhuna Samaharam, Panditaw d Ramawa die.

Panda Forest Knowledgeable. Achsana name, of the eyes. Khaan p. and the end. Parsley Small and beautiful lice. Asian language and gathering together to form a mound. oil of bees. Sama Haram, Bringing flowers together to make a honeycomb. Dithua Look. in the afternoon the house. cotton home၌. Assured Ruled and settled.

This is the ultimate teaching. When the rich man gave away his five golden pots to his son, Mula Siri, he did not hear about them, and because he had to die, covered in dirt and dirt, because of his lack of possessions, a thousand people of Dun Sansand lived in a village near one of the gates of that Sarwatthi land. In that village, he was conceived in the womb of a young woman.

The king of Savatthi, the king of Pashinadi Kosala, heard of the death of the rich man Ananda, and he called the rich man’s son, Mula Siri, and appointed him as the rich man. The thousand and one dons are all working together for a living. Not even enough, After that, they didn’t even get a single ball of rice, so the Don Sans said, “Now we do the work, but we didn’t get even a single ball of rice.” There must be a wicked person in us.” They discriminated and criticized her so much, saying, “In this family, a mean woman has arisen,” and they expelled Don Sandama, the mother of that Ananda rich man. The mother, Dunsandumama, was as if the child was still in her womb. For that long, she had to search for even just enough rice, and she sought to give birth to a son. The child’s hands and The feet and The eyes and The ears and The nose and The mouth is also not in a fixed place. That child was full of lack of large and small organs of this nature, but he became a child who was extremely corrupt and ugly, like a monster on the ground.

A description of pots of gold from the old life

Even though he was an extremely ugly child, his mother could not abandon him. His love and affection for the child conceived in his womb is extremely strong. The old lady Dunsandama bore and fed her son in poverty, and carried him in her arms, but on the day she left, she left him at home because she didn’t get anything. After that, he wandered around in search of food, starting with rice, and when he was able to make a living, he put a cup in the boy’s hand and said, “Dear son, we have come to great poverty because of your beloved son.” Now they are unable to feed your beloved son. A person who is lonely in this vast land There are meals that are ordered for the benefit of travelers, etc. Where there is rice, beg for food and make a living.” The boy wandered about as usual, but when he reached the place where Ananda had been a rich man, he got the knowledge of his past life and entered his house. No one who was guarding at the gates of the three-story three-story gate did not mark them, so when they saw the sons of the original Syrian rich man at the gate of the fourth gate of the fourth story, they were very frightened and wept and lamented.

Then, the men who served and guarded the original Syrian rich man beat him, beat him to death, and threw him in a garbage dump. When the Buddha was following Ananda Matthera, he wandered around for alms, but when he got there, he looked at Ananda Matthera, and Ananda Matthera asked him what he should do. Then many people gathered together

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