Udaya’s ancient merit

Udaya’s ancient merit

After that, the king Brahmadatta bought the land of Varanasi, but there was a rich man in that land. That rich man had eighty crores of wealth. He delights in good deeds. The boss and The rich woman and The cowherds and The whole house is eight days, eleven days in the new moon, three days in the full moon. Similarly, during the waning of the moon, it is common to observe the Sabbath on the six days of the month.

God’s body is a poor man, and he earns his living by earning a living. One day, Thusi Pariwara went to the rich man’s house and asked the rich man to pay his respects. The rich man also allowed to do it. Others wanted to do the work and accepted it, but the poor man was allowed to accept it without saying anything.
From that time on, the poor man worked tirelessly to manage all the affairs of the rich man’s house. He got up early in the morning and went to his place of work and returned home in the evening. When the day of the Sabbath arrived, the whole house had cooked and eaten early, and after the Sabbath was established, they stayed in their places and meditated on their virtues.

The poor man didn’t know that it was the Sabbath day and he had to observe the Sabbath. Where did they go?” he asked. They said, “Brother… they are observing the fast, and they are thinking about virtue.”
The poor man knew that there was a fast in that house. night has come He went to the rich man and asked if it would happen after fasting. Then the rich man said that he still had half a day of fasting, so the poor man went to his own place and meditated on virtue.

When he reached the middle of the night, the poor man was very tired from working, and he had not eaten even a little food since early in the morning. The rich man brought medicine and asked him to replace it, but he didn’t want to break even half a day of fasting. I don’t want to cancel even half a day of fasting until I get proof. He did not eat, saying that he would continue fasting until the witness. At dawn, he lost consciousness and fell into a coma. The family members were still about to die, so they put them out in the front room.

The seventh wind – wind like a sword weapon. Still learning.

Then the king of Varanasi went around the city in your honor and came to the rich man’s house. When the poor man saw the glory of the king, he was greedy and longed for it. At that moment, due to the good luck of fasting for half a day, he was born in the womb of the queen of the king of Varanasi. When he was born at the end of ten months, the bridegroom was named Prince Udaya.
When the prince of Udaya reached middle age and pondered with his natural wisdom that could see the events of his past life, he remembered the fasting karma he used to observe for half a day and said, “The benefit I have received is great and noble. Karma Karma is small,” he continued to exhort. After the king’s father passed away, he became king, and after seeing your great and noble glory, he used to do this lesson for a long time.

One day, they bought the capital and held a festival. Many people were watching the festival with more fun than me. Then a waterman who lived at the north gate of the city and was trying to earn a living by carrying water and selling it, said that he would have to sow the seeds of a pea he had collected with difficulty, and left it between the bricks of the north gate.

In that city, there was a water woman who lived at the South Gate and drew water and sold it for a poor living. The water-sucker also collected a small amount of pea pods that he could sell, saying that he would have them in case of trouble in the future. A man from the north gate and a woman from the south gate met, and they were of the same class, and lived together as husband and wife.

Then the woman said to her husband, “Sir… They are celebrating in the capital city. They play more merrily than him. We also want to play. Do you have any property?” he asked. He said, “Mrs. … there is.” “How much?” he asked. “It’s just a pea,” he said. “Where?” he asked. “I left it between the bricks of the north gate,” he said. “Ma’am… how much property do you have?” he asked. “Sir… there is,” he said. “How much?” he asked. “It’s just a pea,” he said. “Where?” he asked. “It is placed between the bricks of the south gate,” he said. “Your possessions are beans, pigs, My possessions were peas, and they had only one possession. Cut that bean into quarters. Buy a bunch of flowers. Buy a piece of incense, Let’s buy a bunch of liquor and have a party. Now go quickly and get it.”

The water man was happy that I had received word from his wife, and said, “Don’t worry, Mrs. Now I will go and get it to fulfill your wish,” he said and left the house. The road is not very close, Twelve ujanas away. A strong man like a bald elephant, after six yujanas, it was noon, and he was treading on the sand, which was as hot as a bed of fire.

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